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Isabel Crack

Managing Director

Isabel feels very lucky to be back working in a strong creative arts environment here at the S.A.C. especially as its focus is the love of her life, music.  She started her career as a musical theatre performer and singer and met her husband, Terry Crack, performing in an open air show in downtown Buffalo.  Family necessitated a change in profession and she took an unusual leap from “treading the boards” to working for the “Boards”. 

Her career over the last 20 years has been primarily focused on the “business” of music.  She has been involved in some very interesting and exciting times in the music business with the introduction of Neighbouring Rights in Canada while she was working at the Canadian Recording Industry Association.  During her term as Co-Chair of the Neighbouring Rights of Canada Distribution Committee, the founding principles for all N.R. remuneration distribution were developed and adopted.  Remuneration continues to be a hot item making it an exciting time here at the S.A.C.

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