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Part 1 - Songwriting Psychology with Luther Mallory

Event Date: 
Single day event: 11/19/2018 1:00:00 PM
Cost: Free for Members, $15 non-members in person, $10 non-members online
Where to buy tickets: See ticket link below.
Details: On November 19th at 1pm EDT, S.A.C. and CMC will be presenting the first instalment of Luther Mallory's Songwriter Coaching & Stage Psychology series, with the first of the series focusing on Songwriting Psychology. Luther will be taking a deep dive into the feelings of defeat, being overwhelmed, self-doubt, and fear that all songwriters experience in pursuit of success in this 2 hour talk/webinar for music creators. 

A few of the topics that Luther will be covering include: 
How to finish songs
Why your abandoned songs never had a chance
Why there's nothing wrong with you just because you havent "made it yet"
How expectation is killing your creativity 

The webinar will be taking place at the Canadian Music Centre (20 St. Joseph St, Toronto) and is free for S.A.C. and CMC members to attend in person and online. Non-members can attend in person for $10, and online for $5. If you sign up for an online ticket, a link to view the live-stream will be sent to you a day before the event. 

*The Canadian Music Centre is an accessible venue through a street level entrance to the right of the main entrance. The CMC has gender neutral washrooms. Contact with any questions pertaining to accessibility.

Luther Mallory is a Performance Coach specializing in Stage Psychology. He has worked with more than 500 artists over the last 5 years, helping them overcome the mental barriers they face while performing on stage.  

Luther has worked with artists represented by Universal, Sony, Warner, Coalition Music, The JUNOS, and many other industry leaders. He is the Performance Coach for Canada's Music Incubator's acclaimed Artist Entrepreneur Program, and for the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class.  

"Most other performance coaches teach stage moves. I call it the "where to jump kick" approach because it's all about choreography. Moves are important, "but lack of moves" is not the reason artists fail to succeed on stage. Most artists are terrified of being judged. My goal is to get artists out of their judgement-obsessed minds and focused on their fearless self-expression." 

Luther's stage expertise comes from 1000 shows as songwriter and front man of his former Toronto-based band, Crush Luther, as well as his current project, House Of Goobata.

Venue:Canadian Music Centre
20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto Ontario M4Y1J9