Date With A Demo

The Date With A Demo is your opportunity to get your music heard by industry professionals.  Get feedback that can make a difference in your songwriting career.  Our panelists have included:  managers, artists, songwriters, publishers, music supervisors and hit producers. 

"Having the Song Writers Association visit our school is an incredible asset
to both the parties who attend (panelists and members), as well as our students. Creating an environment for songwriters to have their songs heard and critiqued by professionals creates a unique opportunity that would not happen otherwise. Motivating songwriters to continue to hone their skills, can only result in a positive movement. Songs critiqued by experts provided by the S.A.C. may in fact be mentoring the next great songwriter, which may be responsible for inspiring people all over the
world. Trebas is proud to host the S.A.C events and look forward to hosting them in the future." - Jeff Wright, Head of Audio Engineering & Production @ Trebas Institute Toronto

Date With A Demo Deluxe

A few times a year, we turn up the voltage of our demo panel with additional panelists and the opportunity for members across the country to participate via live streaming.

See our events calendar for upcoming dates.