Artist Resources

  Artists' Health Centre Foundation (AHCF)
The Artists' Health Centre Foundation is a non-profit community initiative that supports and subsidizes integrated health care services and offers on-going workshops and seminars to provide education and outreach to the artist community.

Artists' Legal Advice Services
Welcome to Artists’ Legal Advice Services, also known as ALAS. We provide free summary legal advice to artists living in Ontario, Canada.  Our offices are located in downtown Toronto.  For more than a decade, ALAS has been helping artists, actors, musicians, dancers, writers, and filmmakers address their legal problems.  Issues typically dealt with include contracts, defamation, copyright, trademarks & royalties or other payments.

 Work in Culture
This website is operated by the Cultural Careers Council of Ontario.  They provide human resources information and services for arts related disciplines.  They also provide workshops for career development for artists.  This is a great website for anyone looking for employment in culture related industries.