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Foggy future for Canadian music videos: MuchFact funding up in the air

Foggy future for Canadian music videos: MuchFact funding up in the air

CRTC Exempts BellMedia

YouTube: Friend or Foe of the Music Industry?

YouTube: Friend or Foe of the Music Industry?

YouTube: Friend or Foe of the Music Industry?

Audiam + SOCAN provide new YouTube service to get music creators and publishers their portion of millions of dollars of earned but unpaid U.S. YouTube royalties

Audiam + SOCAN provide new YouTube service

Audiam + SOCAN provide new YouTube service

SOCAN and SODRAC Seeking Integrated Management of Music Rights in Canada

SOCAN and SODRAC in discussion

SOCAN and SODRAC in discussion

Group III Claims Period begins on April 3rd

Unpaid Mechanical and Video Royalties Canadian Class Action Settlement Claims Period for Group III Items commences

Group III Claims Period begins on April 3rd, 2017

CYMBA Music Publishing Finds Global Success

CYMBA Music Publishing Finds Global Success

Toronto-based company has secured over 150 synch licenses

Canadian songwriters accept their share of revenue

Canadian Songwriter Streaming Revenues

Streaming giants in Canada negotiate generous sales deals with the three Major labels and Canadian songwriters accept their share of revenue from a smaller piece of the pie.

United States Justice Department Completes Review

US Department of Justice Unchanged

US DOJ Statement does not change Consent Decrees

SOCAN Aquires Audiam

SOCAN Aquires Audiam

SOCAN Aquires Audiam

EU Creators tell Commission Enough

EU Creators Tell Commission Enough


Spotify NMPA settlement update analyzed

Vast Majority Join Royalties Settlement Between Spotify and Publishing Group

Spotify suit


Music Creators Expresses Dire Concern Over “Unworkable” DOJ Solutions

Spotify crushes class action law suit

Spotify Is About to Crush That $200 Million Class Action Lawsuit

Spotify crushes class action law suit

Grace and Grit

Grace and Grit

Big congratulations to Steve Smith, Anthony Anderson, Andrewe Allen and Meghan Patrick for their cut on Meghan's #1 iTunes debut country album "Grace and Grit"!!

CIAM Chair Lorenzo Ferrero meets with the initial music creator groups forming the Asia Pacific Alliance.

Lorenzo Ferrero presents Fair Trade Music International

Fair Trade Music initiative was delivered to the Asia Pacific Alliance.

Music Answers speaks out

Music Answers speaks out

Here is message from one of our sister organizations in the USA regarding the recent news of Universal's withdrawal of catalogue from ASCAP.

Songwriters supporting songwriters RWG BC

Songwriters supporting songwriters Campbell River Mirror

The Songwriters Association of Canada, of which Kenneth P Cooper has been a member since 2003, encourages the development of Regional Writers Groups, so he decided to form one in Campbell River. On March 31, 2016 Kenneth sat for an interview with the Campbell River mirror, read more…

David Israelite

David Israelite Podcast

On February 11th the Society of Composers & Lyricists hosted “An Evening with David Israelite”, president & CEO of the National Music Publishers Association, at AFI (the American Film Institute). Here is the link to the podcast of this event.

Fair Trade Music Update

Fair Trade Music Update: Rethink Music

As many of you know, David Lowery and other songwriters have launched a class action lawsuit against Spotify in the US. Get the take of S.A.C. President, Eddie Schwartz, as well as an update on "Fair Trade Music".

SOCAN Tracks 2015 Record Results

SOCAN Tracks 2015 Record Results

SOCAN collects a new record of approximately $310-million in total revenue, the first time in the organization's history that it has exceeded the $300-million milestone – an increase of at least 3% over the record $299-million of 2014.


First global map of creative industries.

Today in Paris the first-ever global economic and cultural study of the cultural and creative industries was unveiled.


Pandora Buys Rdio. What's An Artist To Do?

Pandora has purchased Rdio which will have implications on creators whose music is streamed on these services.

Music Creators North America Open Letter to the US Department of Justice (DOJ)  The Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) as a member organization of Music Creators North America (MCNA) is a signatory to an open letter to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Music Creators North America Open Letter

The Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) as a member organization of Music Creators North America (MCNA) is a signatory to an open letter to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Song Recapture for Canadians in the U.S.

Song Recapture for Canadians in the U.S.

If you have assigned your songs in the US to a music publisher, you may be able to get them back after 35 years. This is known as copyright recapture.


UK Music Industry Wins In Copyright Case Against Government

In October 2014, the UK Government introduced measures to change the law to enable people to copy copyright material they have lawfully acquired for their own private and personal use. The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA), the Musicians' Union (MU) and UK Music opposed these measures because it would not provide fair compensation to rightsholders. BASCA, MU and UK Music won a ruling in the High Court against the UK Government deeming the changes unlawful.

SAC Logo

SAC SongWorks Pro Song Chosen for Pan Am Games


Spotify in talks with Fair Trade Music

Spotify remains the lightning rod for criticism about artist and songwriter royalties from streaming, so it’s interesting to see the company building bridges with the creator community today through talks with the Fair Trade Music coalition.


Eddie Schwartz Speaks at the United Nations

Speaking on behalf of CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, at a panel organised at the United Nations in New York on 27 April on the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) IP Day ‘Get Up. Stand Up: For Music’, composer-songwriter Eddie Schwartz, Co-Chair of Music Creators North America and President of the Songwriters Association of Canada, said that songwriters, composers and lyricists have seen the value of their works ...

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Songwriters' United Response to NMPA

Major multinational publishers have announced their intention to withdraw rights from performing rights organizations (PROs), exemplified by our Canadian PRO, SOCAN. Songwriters and composers rights would also be withdrawn by publishers, without music creator input or consent to do so. We at the Songwriters Association of Canada believe this is a serious matter that could adversely impact songwriters, composers and threaten the future of the PROs themselves.


Trends to know about in 2015

A summary of trends presented by FYI Music blogger David Farrell.

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The Study Concerning Fair Compensation for Music Creators in the Digital Age

October 2014 - Organizations representing thousands of songwriters and composers from around the world met in Nashville at the annual CIAM Congress and approved the joint endorsement of the Study Concerning Fair Compensation for Music Creators in the Digital Age.


Creators Meet in Nashville to Discuss Music Copyright in the Digital Age

On October 22 – 23, the International Council of Creators of Music (CIAM) met in Nashville, USA to address key topics of relevance to music creators today.

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Is Copyright Working for Songwriters and Composers? A Global Panel at Vanderbilt Law School

Five international experts will discuss the current state of copyright law.

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We Should Support Music Streaming Services

Read Eric Baptiste’s blog (CEO of SOCAN) on music streaming and fair compensation to creators.

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CISAC Takes Digital Royalties Issue to the UN

Speaking at the General Assembly of World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, a group of creators led by CISAC President Jean Michel Jarre invited policy-makers to help build a fairer and more sustainable digital economy for creators.


World Intellectual Property Organization Conference Update

Earlier this week, CISAC and a group of creators led by our President Jean Michel Jarre took the centre stage at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) headquarters in Geneva, on the occasion of WIPO’s General Assembly.


British Music Managers Forum Respond to Sony/ATV's Threats

Below is a response from The British Music Managers Forum regarding Sony/ATV’s threat to pull out its rights.

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S.A.C. Represents Songwriters in Ottawa


Research Confirms: Music Builds Business

Can you imagine a pub without music? Or a silent clothing store? Or a restaurant without musical ambience? Neither can Canadian businesses that, according to new research1 conducted by Leger on behalf of SOCAN – the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada – confirms music is increasingly important to their success.

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S.A.C. Goes to Ottawa

The Songwriters Association of Canada has been invited to participate in a review of the Canadian music industry by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.


Pandora suit could change century old royalty plan

ASCAP and BMI have been operating in the US since 1941, governed by consent decrees with the Justice Department. Recently, leading music figures have asked the government to update the consent decrees. This could radically change a near-century-old system.


Notice to Songwriters, Publishers and Record Companies

If you are a songwriter or publisher of a musical work or a record company please read this notice as you may be eligible to receive private copying royalties.


We're Moving To The SOCAN Building

The Songwriters Association of Canada is pleased to announce we will be moving to the SOCAN Building.


Did you have radio airplay 2000-2007?


Fair Trade Music: Letting the Light Shine In

In November of 2012, Songwriters Association of Canada President and Music Creator's North America Co-Chair, Eddie Schwartz made an online presentation viewed during the "Evolution and Equilibrium: Copyright this Century" conference in Wellington, New Zealand. Eddie's presentation was on the Fair Trade Music initiative which has been adopted by over 25,000 music creators in Europe, Africa, Latin and South America, and Canada and the US.


France Considers Monetizing Filesharing

France has just started doing an in depth economic and legal study on the possibility of compensating content creators for filesharing. This new initiative should not be seen as a definite intention to actually monetize filesharing, but it is calling for a serious and well-intended investigation of its possible benefits and impacts.

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Fair Trade Music Project Speaks Out for Silenced Songwriters

Freedom of expression of one of the guiding principals of the Fair Trade Music initiative. Meanwhile songwriters around the world continue to be persecuted for their creative expressions.

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Fair Trade Music embraced at the World Creators Summit

Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.) President Eddie Schwartz travelled to Washington DC earlier this month to participate in the World Creator's Summit.



For the first time in music industry history, over 25,000 songwriters and composers from nearly fifty countries throughout Europe, North America, South America, and Africa have joined together to form a new, wholly independent advocacy Network for music creators. Its immediate goal will be the championing of a set of Fair Trade Music Principles designed to ensure transparency, fair compensation, and autonomy for music creators in an increasingly complex and non-transparent music business landsca


Is Pandora Ripping Off Artists?

An interesting Huffingpost article asks this question.

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