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Get insight from music creators that are headlining, game-changing and shaking up Canadian culture who are members of our association.
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Leslie Alexander

Flood of Inspiration: Creativity springs from difficult circumstances

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most difficult seasons in our lives.
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Scott Perrie

Inspiration VS Deadlines: Two Paths to a Song

Do you write better from inspiration or with a deadline?
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3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Goal Setting

After working through Week 1: Setting Goals, in Ariel Hyatt’s Music Success In 9 Weeks, I’ve decided that I need to improve my goal setting skills. I want to support myself better (avoid sabotage!), and be able to experience the satisfaction of accomplishing things daily, monthly, and yearly. Here follow some observations around goal setting.
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Sora and Cindy O'Neil

When a songwriter loses her voice…

What would you do if you knew you were going to lose your voice forever? What song would you sing? Here’s a guest blog by S.A.C. Member Sora whose work with someone in this very predicament is both moving and inspiring.
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Michala Todd

Youth Not Wasted: Songwriter Inspires Her Peers

Many people complain about the youth of today. They are often described as having a sense of entitlement that can lead to disappointment when they get to the real world. How refreshing it is to see what S.A.C. Member Michala Todd is doing in her teenage years.
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