S.A.C. Spotify Playlist

Introducing the S.A.C. Spotify Playlists, monthly new playlists consisting of songs by our members.
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Songwriters Interviews

Pro Members Interviews

Get insight from music creators that are headlining, game-changing and shaking up Canadian culture who are members of our association.
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Songwriting duo credits S.A.C. membership with recent Factor Demo Grant win

We’re, Campbell + Green, a husband and wife duo who got serious about writing our own songs just a few years ago. Since then we have been actively educating ourselves on the craft of writing using whatever tools we can find. We’ve recorded a few CDs and are working on another. We are excited to say we just received word of our first FACTOR demo grant to assist in our work!
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Leslie Alexander

Flood of Inspiration: Creativity springs from difficult circumstances

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most difficult seasons in our lives.
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Scott Perrie

Inspiration VS Deadlines: Two Paths to a Song

Do you write better from inspiration or with a deadline?
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Monetizing Music File-Sharing: Reconciling Consumer Behaviour with a Willingness to Pay

This article does not present an in-depth discussion of the legal merits of either the S.A.C. Model or of collective licensing generally; rather, it aims to merely introduce the nuts-and-bolts of the proposal and stimulate conversation on this issue.
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