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Monetizing Music File-Sharing: Reconciling Consumer Behaviour with a Willingness to Pay

This article does not present an in-depth discussion of the legal merits of either the S.A.C. Model or of collective licensing generally; rather, it aims to merely introduce the nuts-and-bolts of the proposal and stimulate conversation on this issue.
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Bill C-11: A Backward Step For Music Creators

Here is a simplified list of key provisions in Bill C-11, the current revisions to Canada’s copyright law that are expected to be passed shortly, and a brief explanation of why they do little to improve the lot of music creators, and in some cases are detrimental to our situation.
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Does Spotify Make Cents for Creators?

There has been a lot written about Spotify in recent days. As of now Spotify operates in Europe and the US only, but there are very similar services in the works here in Canada, and the discussion below may well apply to them as well.
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“Songwriter At Your Service”

For the past 4 years Ania Ziemirska has had the privilege of combining her passion for songwriting with helping fellow songwriters as the Membership Services Representative at the Songwriters Association of Canada. She sat down to talk to us about her job, her music and her advice for members. Here’s what she had to say.
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Pic. 1: Suzie McNeil, Melanie Doane, Blair Packham and Marc Jordan; Pic. 2: Dan Hill, Jane Siberry, Blair Packham and Ann Vriend

Highlights from the ALL-STAR Bluebird North

The much anticipated ALL-STAR Bluebird North took place this past May at Koerner Hall, where the acoustics of the room took as much of a center stage as the artists that filled the place with magic. Rarely do we get to hear songwriters with such acoustic clarity and intimacy.
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ArtsCan Information Webinar (Taped)

ArtsCan Circle brings creative artists to remote northern communities to serve and inspire indigenous at-risk youth. We were pleased to have Executive Director Carol Teal, visit the S.A.C. Writers Room to conduct a webinar to inform artists of their meaningful work. This is a recording of her presentation.
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