Scott Perrie

Inspiration VS Deadlines: Two Paths to a Song

Do you write better from inspiration or with a deadline?
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Sarah Calvert

Eat, pray, songwriting…keeping it simple.

Sarah Calvert is a mult-talented singer/songwriter, and also a participant in the S.A.C. Canadian Songwriters Social Media Challenge. She recently released “Other Side,” an album that features Canadian talents like Suzie Vinnick, Brian MacMillan, Andrew Collins, and Tim Bovaconti. As many artists can resonate with, Sarah encountered strife and turmoil while touring her album, leading her to strip away everything familiar, including her primary instrument.
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Tom Jackson and Samantha Testa

Stage Performance Tips Straight From Nashville

Are you performing to your full potential? Do you create moments, optimize your angles and move from head to toe? Early last year I took a trip down to Nashville and went to a Tom Jackson Performance boot camp and it changed my life! Tom and his team work one on one with artists critiquing songs and coaching live performances to help performers understand how to improve and develop a live show.
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A Songwriter’s Life After the Death of His Father

The short answer as to how losing my father to lung cancer last year affected my ability to make music is that it stopped me cold. When I learned of Dad’s illness, I was already going through a period of doubt with respect to my music, due mainly to both an ongoing problematic vocal condition as well as a brutally disillusioning record deal.
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Ryan Nolan

“I Quit My Day Job And…” (A Songwriter’s Adventure)

Have you ever thought about quitting your job and pursuing your songwriting with reckless abandon like an uncharted road trip? While many of us try to balance day jobs with our creative pursuits, Ryan Nolan took a leap of faith and took to the road. His adventures took him to Europe and across North America. Along the way, he professes he went from simply “writing songs to becoming a Songwriter.” Here’s a first person account of his incredible journey and what he learned along the way.
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Scotland: Haggis, Bagpipes and Musical Adventures

Does leaving home make you more creative? While some of you may have been inspired by our last blog about Ryan Nolan‘s adventure off the beaten path, those of you who had any reservations may be convinced that leaving home is exactly what you need to do after reading the following guest blog by Signe (rhymes with Xena), the singer behind our recently Featured Video.
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