Larry Vannatta

Canadian finds success in the European Country Music Market

Larry Vannatta has been writing songs for over 25 years. He began his first band in the 90s, “Straight, Clean and Simple.” Around the same time, his music was introduced into the European Country Music Market, which proved to be successful, as he was kept busy touring.
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Michala Todd

Youth Not Wasted: Songwriter Inspires Her Peers

Many people complain about the youth of today. They are often described as having a sense of entitlement that can lead to disappointment when they get to the real world. How refreshing it is to see what S.A.C. Member Michala Todd is doing in her teenage years.
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Joe McLeod

Keep Reaching For That Golden Tambourine

Have you ever thirsted for music, so much so that it ached in every cell of your body? That every decision you made was in answer to the primal longing to bring the music in your bones to fruition? Reading S.A.C. Member Joe McLeod‘s story of coming into being as a musician, one can feel a deep unsatiated longing that led him to a musical adventure from Vancouver to Nashville to Toronto and back again.
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From Boston to NY City to Dublin to Touring Worldwide – Laine Henderson’s Adventures in Songwriting

Choosing to pursue your passion for songwriting and music can take you places you never imagined. For S.A.C. Member Laine Henderson, this has meant leaving the Vancouver North Shore where she was born and raised, studying alongside the very best at the Berkley College of Music in Boston, making a go of it in New York City, performing and songwriting in Dublin, then touring the world with the world-famous Riverdance show.
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Kat Leonard

Taking Your Music to Live Theatre

Kat Leonard launched her first solo show at the Toronto Fringe Festival this year garnering critical acclaim and an invitation to remount the show.
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Linda M

“Dare To Suck,” and other words of wisdom from Linda M.

Linda M‘s songwriting achievements are broad ranging and plentiful. She has seen success as an artist, touring Canada and the US, as well as garnering nationwide campus and commercial radio play for her first 2 albums. She’s shared the stage with the likes of Amy Sky, Don Henley, Natalie Merchant, Santana and Macy Gray, to name a few.
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