Songwriting duo credits S.A.C. membership with recent Factor Demo Grant win

We’re, Campbell + Green, a husband and wife duo who got serious about writing our own songs just a few years ago. Since then we have been actively educating ourselves on the craft of writing using whatever tools we can find. We’ve recorded a few CDs and are working on another. We are excited to say we just received word of our first FACTOR demo grant to assist in our work!
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Jim Dorie

It’s never too late! Retired 9 to 5-er launches new career as singer/songwriter

For many years Jim Dorie was busy raising three children working a full time job in the oil and gas industry in Alberta. Life was busy.
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Deric Ruttan

Country Music Star and Songwriter Deric Ruttan on Living The Nashville Dream

Grammy and Juno Nominee Deric Ruttan has accumulated quite a list of achievements both as a performing artist and as a songwriter.
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Leslie Alexander

Flood of Inspiration: Creativity springs from difficult circumstances

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most difficult seasons in our lives.
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Chris Ronald

Crowdfunding for Canadian Songwriters

The idea of crowdfunding is not new. In fact, it is common for anyone launching a new venture to “begin at home” when securing initial support and uptake of services. I liken it to mowing lawns when I was a lad; I’d start off by doing it for my dad for a bit of loose change and, before long, I’d be cutting grass for the neighbours.
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Supporting a Dream, a Mom’s Perspective

Sarah Command is 13 years old and busy recording in Nashville. She wrote about her experiences in a previous blog. Click Here to read. When her story was published, it became apparent that the success of the Command Sisters has required significant investment of time and resources by their parents. Hence, we invited Karen Command to write about her perspective as the mom of two rising stars.
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