Songwriting duo credits S.A.C. membership with recent Factor Demo Grant win

We’re, Campbell + Green, a husband and wife duo who got serious about writing our own songs just a few years ago. Since then we have been actively educating ourselves on the craft of writing using whatever tools we can find. We’ve recorded a few CDs and are working on another. We are excited to say we just received word of our first FACTOR demo grant to assist in our work!
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The case for a collaborators agreement

Every year, thousands of new songs are registered with SOCAN as co-writes, the result of songwriters working together to create unique combinations of words and music that the writers hope will capture the public’s imagination. When it comes to establishing rights in a new song, co-writers and publishers often turn to SOCAN’s work registration form for guidance.
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Get Out of Your Bubble to Co-Write!

Most songwriters that you meet are extremely passionate about their craft. So passionate, in fact, that it can sometimes lead to working entirely in a bubble, so as to ensure that nothing “gets in the way” of their art. The irony, of course, is that sometimes that bubble is the exact thing that DOES get in the way of their creative development.
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The Somebody behind the “Album of a Nobody”

Why do you write music? Are you hoping for fame and fortune? Or perhaps at least a livelihood? My interview with Mark Roper, reminded me that the enjoyment of the process can be the ultimate reward. Mark Roper has had an adventurous life, which includes spending a year in Russia where he worked on learning the language. During that time, he had a British roommate with whom he played cover songs on the cheapest guitars they could find.
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