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Let's "Make the Box Bigger" with File Sharing

By:Eddie Schwartz | Published:5/16/2011

Millions of music lovers have been “coloring outside the box” for years now in the form of music file-sharing using P2P and other similar methods. The SAC’s solution? Make the box bigger!

By licensing people who want to access music using P2P and other sharing technologies, we bring this massive new use of music into the fold. The revenues would be pooled and performers, songwriters and rights-holders would be paid for their work.

Folks who don’t want to music file-share would pay nothing. That’s one of the key differences between a license fee which the SAC supports, and a tax or levy, which the SAC does not.

Making the box bigger means expanding our idea of what are legitimate ways to acquire music. After all, people are going to use new technologies to access music. Trying to stop them, as some have done for the last 10 years and some continue to try, doesn’t make much sense.

So let’s embrace change. After all, it’s here, and more is on the way.

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