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S.A.C. Spotify Playlist

By:Songwriters Association of Canada | Published:9/17/2020

Now listen to tracks written entirely by S.A.C. members all in one place. The new S.A.C. playlist is a showcase of our members' music in regularly featured episodes.  Each episode will share music from a variety of sources including members' new releases, new co-writes, selections from member profiles and their Spotify playlists. In order to find and follow the S.A.C. playlist you must have a Spotify account and be logged in. 

Episode 1 - From Quebec with Love
Episode 2 - Toronto @Revolution
Episode 3 - Happy Holidays!
Episode 4 - New Year, New Playlist
Episode 5 - Black History Songwriters Series
Episode 6 - International Women's Day Focus: Salome Bey
Episode 7 - Remembering Justin Haynes
Episode 8 - West Coast
Episode 9
- Celebrating CMW
Episode 10 - S.A.C. Board, Past & Present 
Episode 11 -
ECMA 2019
Episode 12 - Indigenous Peoples Day (by Music NB)
Episode 13 - Happy Summer! 
Episode 14 - Happy Summer! Vol. 2
Episode 15 - FALLin' For You 
Episode 16 -  Colours Of Your Heart
Episode 17 - Winter Is Coming
Episode 18 - Let It Song
Episode 19
- New Beginnings 
Episode 20 - Feels Like Home 
Episode 21 - Home and Native Land: Spotlight on Canadian BIPOC Creators
Episode 22 - Sunny Days
Episode 23 - Power of Positivity

Are you a member and would like a chance to be featured in the S.A.C. Spotify playlist in the future? There are three easy ways to be included in it:

1. You must have your music on Spotify. For a step by step on a curated Spotify playlist, click here

2. Submit your Spotify songs to the S.A.C. playlist. 

3. Do you have a new release coming up? Put your new release date under our Release Radar before it drops!